Sherwood Believes Adebayor Is The Best Player Palace Have Ever Had

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Tim Sherwood has never been shy to express his opinions on football, before or after his brief and ultimately doomed spell in management; a conviction that has prompted him to have his say on what Emmanuel Adebayor can do for Crystal Palace. 

These comments on Emmanuel Adebayor from Tim Sherwood will warm the hearts of the most sceptical of Palace fans. Forget his reputation, when on form, we could be in for something special. 

Whilst the former Spurs boss is looked upon by many as nothing more than a boisterous ex-player who enjoyed a brief moment in the managerial sun, his relationship with Adebayor whilst at White Hart Lane is likely to go down as one of his biggest achievements, if only for the fact that he appeared capable of taming the figurative beast that the Togolese striker was prone to transform into at the drop of a hat. 

For a brief spell, the pair had the white and blue side of North London eating from the palm of their hands, mesmerised by the shift in Adebayor’s attitude under the former academy coach. The now famous “salute” celebration the two often indulged in when the striker scored has become synonymous with both in the minds of the wider footballing public, cocky, unexpected and infuriatingly enjoyable, the success they both offered one another has since painted the perception many have of them from afar. 

Sherwood’s comments on Adebayor attached above, are overwhelmingly positive, both in relation to him as a person, but also in view of what he can bring to the Crystal Palace side once he has reached the peak of match fitness. There should be no room afforded to ambiguity when analysing Sherwood’s views on his former player, he knows that without him, his time as a top flight manager would likely have been much shorter. 

One or two of the clumsily worded statements over Adebayor’s decision to move to Selhurst Park may offend the odd Palace fan, but as anyone who has observed Sherwood will tell you, his personality is akin to that of a drunk uncle on Christmas Day; full of ultimately well meaning statements delivered with the subtlety of a flying breeze block. He won’t have meant any ill-feeling in expressing his views, it just flows out of him naturally. 

As we look towards the next few months in the hope of Adebayor scoring the goals to arrest our recent slump, Sherwood’s comments here will have a comforting impact on those of us fearing the worst. 

After getting the best out of him at Spurs, Sherwood knows perfectly well now important Adebayor could be to Palace between now and May. 


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