Forget The Hype, This Is The Most Sensible Piece You’ll Read On Adebayor

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Emmanuel Adebayor has been on Crystal Palace’s books less than 24 hours, in which time, the majority of English football’s “experts” have passed a collectively scathing judgement on the move. Luckily, not all pundits are quite so narrow minded. 

This extremely thoughtful piece in today’s Guardian looks at the signing of Adebayor from a purely objective point of view. If you read one thing today, make it this. 

It is extremely easy for those not connected with Crystal Palace to trot out the well worn sighs of concern over the Togo international’s arrival;  having seen him fall out with all three of the clubs who have previously employed him on these shores. No one would ever pretend that Emmanuel was a Saint, not even the man himself I’d wager, but to write him off completely at this stage would be a pointless exercise. 

Whatever way you approach the conundrum that Adebayor presents to a manager, there is no way around the fact that, when he plays, he has a remarkably consistent knack of scoring goals, which in the short-term at least, will be all that matters to Pardew and his coaching staff. 

Like any new relationship, both parties are approaching the fresh start with hopes of living together in perfect harmony forever more, regardless of the obvious barriers that lay in the way. To dwell on the past would be to completely ignore the present, with the scenario today bringing Crystal Palace FC and Emmanuel together at a time when both need each other to realise their overall aims. 

There is a reason we have only signed the striker up until May, regardless of the positive noises coming out of the club from every angle over Adebayor’s temperament. Make no mistake, this is a marriage of convenience above anything else, not that anyone on our side is complaining too vociferously so far. 

The piece attached above is, without doubt, the most sensible assessment of Palace’s move for the former Real Madrid striker that’s been published to date. Allow yourself a minute or two to escape from the predictable jokes and predictions of doom by reading it. You’ll feel fat better for doing so, trust me. 

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  • Richard Glen January 27, 2016 - 2:23 pm Reply

    this is a good bit of business by palace,adebayor has still got goals in him for sure!It would be nice to see him extend his deal into next season!welcome aboard!!!

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