VIDEO: This Clip Will Have The Most Cynical Of Palace Fans Feeling Misty Eyed

2 Posted by - January 24, 2016 - News, Video

We could all with cheering up after the last few weeks, couldn’t we? Palace may currently possess the worst form in the Premier League, but the club’s media team have produced a beautiful video montage of our footballing highlights over the years. 

This video is guaranteed to buzz you up for the remaining months of the Premier League season. It’s a glorious red and blue tinted summary of Palace’s high points over the last 111 years. 

Created with a glance towards the season ticket sales for the 2016/17 campaign, the video does a stunning job of provoking feelings of misty eyed nostalgia amongst the supporters who have been there throughout the peaks and troffs at Selhurst Park. 

It’s easy to get downhearted as a consequence of our recent downturn in fortunes, but this video, complete with epic moments from the likes of Freedman, Rogers, Zaha, Hilaire and a certain David Hopkin is sure to excite ever the most cynical of Eagles supporters. Whilst we all want the current team to start picking up wins again, it is videos such as this which will always keep us as fans coming back for more. 

They could of course added far more magical moments and made it into a 10 minute free-for-all but the end product is instead a tight, powerful and action packed punch to the senses of all who watch it. 

As someone who openly admits to obsessing over every element of the club’s day-to-day business, I defy you to watch the video attached above and not feel a slight twinge of joy, regardless of our current struggles. It’s a beautiful piece of editing. 


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