The Astronomical Wage Palace Will Have To Pay To Land Spurs Striker Adebayor 

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The Mirror’s Darren Lewis claims to have uncovered the specific financial requirements Crystal Palace would have to sign off on, if they are intent on signing Emmanuel Adebayor during the current transfer window. 

This report from Lewis, details the exact figures relating to Adebayor’s current contract with Spurs, as well as highlighting how much Palace would have to pay if they are serious about taking him off their hands. 

For many, Adebayor’s story is one of an ego taking over what should have been an extremely successful career as a professional at the very pinnacle of the game. Unquestionably outrageously talented, it is unfortunate that the Togo international will almost certainly be remembered by many across England for the controversy he generated over the years, rather than his impressive goals haul. 

Whenever his head is in the right place, he is asset worth championing at almost any level, but sadly, his game is one built on flashes of brilliance punctuated by prolonged spells of worryingly indifferent form, quite often linked to the length of time he has to run on the contract with any given club. 

Should we bite the proverbial bullet and give in to the demands of both Adebayor and Tottenham, we would have to cross our fingers and pray that his fitness has lasted well after months out of action to make his way back into the cut and thrust of the Premier League after just a week or two in training. It’s a risk without question, but given our current goal drought, you have to wonder if it’s a gamble worth having a late punt on. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they often say, and without a single goal scored by a striker from open play this season, you wouldn’t be far wrong if you were to suggest that our recent poor form is now developing the hallmarks of a full blown crisis. 

Could Adebayor be the man to get us back to winning ways? At his price, you’d certainly hope so. 

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