VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Of Crystal Palace’s New Training Ground

8 Posted by - January 17, 2016 - News, Video

Upon his arrival at Crystal Palace a little over a year ago, boss Alan Pardew made it clear to the owners that dramatic improvements were needed to the training facilities available to both he and the players. Now, for the first time, we as fans have the chance to see what has been changed. 

This video gives us a tour of the new training ground, as well as offering a summary of the improvements that have been implemented over the last few months. We now finally have something suitable for the Premier League. 

Hosted by Palace TV’s Chris Grierson, the video shows an aerial overview of the pitches and altered facilities, before the cameras go inside to give us all a greater understanding of the structural changes that have been made at the request of Alan Pardew and his coaching staff. 

We have heard a lot about the improved layout of the training ground in recent months, making for a far more cohesive and communal environment for the squad but this video gives us the chance to see the difference from a year or so ago for ourselves; it must be said that the new building is instantly impressive on the eye. 

The tour then takes us into the gym and treatment facilities, both of which have undergone a massive facelift in comparison to this time last year, allowing the medical team to adopt a far more proactive approach in the treatment of our playing staff. 

It’s easy to get fully caught up in the peaks and troughs of form that the team endure from week to week, but behind the scenes, the club are making giant steps of progress, as the above video tour proves. For anyone who ever spent time at the old training ground, this clip will demonstrate a massive transformation. 


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