VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Of NBC’s New CPFC Documentary Series

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American sports network NBC are set to show a four-part documentary series based solely on the exploits of Crystal Palace FC over the next month. 

A fantastic “behind the scenes” look at the premise behind the show can be seen here. It really does look to be essential viewing for every Palace fan. 

Thanks to the explosion of interest in the Premier League across the United States in recent years, we as an established top flight side are gaining more and more followers across the country with each passing week, prompting NBC to choose us as the subject of thier latest TV-based brainchild. 

The series, entitled “Crystal Palace FC – Behind The Badge” will take a fly-on-the-wall look at anything and everything going on within the football club throughout the four weeks that their cameras have been granted access by the board. 

No doubt buoyed by the success of thier recent one-off documentary about the club, and almost certainly encouraged by US billionaires and new co-owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer, the network and pressing on with their plans to bring an authentic feel of a living and breathing Premier League outfit to the screens of millions. 

The show is set to feel extremely similar in tone to the hugely popular HBO production “Hard Knocks” which follows a different NFL team once a year, as they embark on a training camp in preparation for the new season. 

Although the series won’t be shown live on British television, it will be available to watch in full, (without the customary US advertising breaks) each Monday morning via the club’s official online TV channel, which you can sign up for free via the link attached below. 

To sign-up to the service, CLICK HERE

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