This Piece Is A Beautifully Crafted Love Letter To South London Football

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South London has often been given a bad rep by those in the press, looked upon by many as the scruffy little oik of London’s football family, but as proven in the piece penned by The Guardian’s Barney Ronay below, attitudes towards our corner of the country’s capital are changing in certain circles. 

This piece, written by The Guardian’s Barney Ronay is a fantastic illustration of South London’s rise to footballing prominence within the last 10 to 20 years. Give it a few minutes of your time, you won’t be disappointed. 

Drawing upon the numerous young South London natives who currently hold down a first-team place in the Premier League, Ronay has written a truly beautiful love letter to the playing fields and youth coaches who are local to us, pointing towards Crystal Palace FC as the chief beneficiaries of the riches on offer across the region. 

Analysing the numerous factors which have led to South London overtaking the North East as the primary “hotbed” for young English talent, the always thoughtful columnist has managed to crystallise the exact reasons for the relatively recent  geographical shift in the  area of player production. 

Published on the day of our FA Cup Third Round tie with Southampton, a fixture likely to feature more locally produced players than most across the country this weekend, Ronay’s musings a poignant reminder that, whilst South London is still sneered at by many, it’s footballers are setting a benchmark for everyone else to aspire towards.

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