Read Bamford’s Scathing Verdict On His Palace Loan In Full

18 Posted by - December 29, 2015 - Daily Thoughts, News, Player Interviews

Patrick Bamford has taken the surprising decision to personally end his spell on loan at Crystal Palace, after petulantly telling the press that his time in SE25 has been “terrible” from start to finish. 

Patrick Bamford has been extremely critical of Crystal Palace following his decision to end his loan spell at Selhurst Park prematurely. These quotes were both unprofessional and a little pathetic. 

The fledgling frontman had hoped to adjust well to life in the top flight with Palace, after peformiing well with Championship high flyers Middlesbrough last season, but after just four months in South London, the striker has launched a startlingly pointed attack on the situation behind the scenes.

Within his extensive quotes on the subject, attached in full above, Bamford aims digs at the club’s current crop of strikers as a collective, before singling out Connor Wickham. He then goes on to suggest that he “saw through” the reasons that were given as to why he wasn’t being offered a starting role in the Premier League; all of which has made him look a tad deluded, if truth be told. 

It is quite astonishing to read such strong comments from a young player who, as of yet, is still to prove himself as being good enough to score goals regularly in the top flight, but having arrived in SE25 with something of a reputation for believing his own hype, it should probably come as little surprise to see him so readily throwing his toys out of the pram. 

The long and short of it, is that Bamford has failed to score a single goal in red and blue in exactly 300 minutes of football; a large chunk of which has taken placed against lower league opposition. Regardless of how good he may believe himself to be, the best way of proving a point is to produce the goods when called upon, something that Bamford, on more than a few occasions, has failed to do. 

As you will see for yourself, his words appear to suggest that he should have been given the chance to play league games from the start, despite his poor form whenever he was given a chance to shine. Evidently, it doesn’t seem as though Patrick places any of the blame for his failure to impress at his own feet, after a career to date which has never seen him required to fight for a place in the starting XI.

Have a read of his comments for yourself, once you have, you’ll be left in little doubt over why he failed to grasp what it truly means to represent Crystal Palace FC, hunger and spirit are a necessity for our players, two attributes he appears to be sorely lacking. 

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  • Richard Glen December 29, 2015 - 5:55 am Reply

    i don,t blame him for heading off,why get him on loan if he is not going to play.being honest it was a bad idea to of got him in the first place,we are all still trying to work out why murray was allowed to leave.our performance against swansea was simply not good enough and we have to improve.more to the point our fans just seem to put up with it.2 points from 6 not good enough

  • Martyn December 29, 2015 - 10:51 am Reply

    Sorry I disagree With this. So we got two clean sheets within two days against an in form Bournemouth and Swansea, who undoubtedly have a very good team and are desperate for points. Still unbeaten in 6.
    If Bamford set the world alight in training and in the time he was given to play he would of played more….fact. He didn’t. He’s too lightweight and not experi need enough for the Prem and he’s right to move on and find a loan at a Championship club for the rest of the season. He’s young and clearly a bit precious, that’s why he’s made these comments without discussing it with the Manager first.
    Let’s remember where we’ve come from so quickly before demanding we win every single game.

  • Ben henson December 29, 2015 - 11:28 am Reply

    Richard 2 points from the last 2 games I admit is disappointing but when you look how well we doing overall I’m very pleased and wouldn’t be moaning looking at the league table an the point we got on the board already. Back to Bamford quite frankly doesn’t deserve to play for us with his attitude an won’t make himself better as a player if he just gives up we want players with fire in their belly. Not players keep touching there hair every 5 seconds an not putting any effort in . So in my opinion Chelsea are welcome to him

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