Cascarino’s Views On Pardew & Chelsea Are Insulting To Palace

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Jose Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea has sent numerous corners of the internet into meltdown, prompting rival fans to laugh at the Blues’ expense and the great and good of Stamford Bridge to peer back longingly at happier times, when the Portuguese was still special and they were winning titles. Clearly, those pangs of nostalgia have prompted Tony Cascarino to lose his mind.

Tony Casacrino has achieved something remarkable here; insulting Pardew, Palace, Chelsea and everyone with a mere passing knowledge of the beautiful game in less than 300 words.

In just 274 words, the former Chelsea man has managed to insult Crystal Palace and Alan Pardew (whilst recommending him for the top job). It seems that the Palace man’s “ego” is a key attribute for his potential success in Tony’s mind, having taken an “unfashionable” club in Crystal Palace to the heady heights of sixth in just over a year.

In attempting to get into the head of Chelsea’s elusive Russian owner, the radio personality does a fantastic job of belittling our club, whilst simultaneously suggesting that our win over the west Londoners earlier this season was well deserved. It’s an impressive piece of prose, if only for the sheer number of head-spinning contradictions it manages to cram into such a small passage.

There’s a stench of self-entitlement running throughout the piece, with Cascarino casually throwing out the view that Pardew is now ready for the “step up” to a Champions League side, even though his beloved Blues are currently sitting just one point above the drop zone, with Palace a mere three points away from fourth place.

For what it’s worth, Pardew is highly unlikely to jump ship for Chelsea anytime soon. With new investment on the horizon in SE25 and his players producing stunning performances from week to week, he’s almost certainly not looking for an exit route, particularly towards a club who have had such a turbulent few years in the dugout.

Have a read of Tony’s “expert opinion” above. The fact that the man is paid actual money by an organisation as revered as The Times is baffling to say the least.

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  • Richard C December 18, 2015 - 1:15 pm Reply

    Good piece Hoppo. I hate the way so called critics of the game have 20:20 hindsight. When Pards was struggling with a poor owner and team at Newcastle, would these same critics have recommended him for the Chelsea job? No, I don’t think so.

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