This Interview With Puncheon Will Only Make You Love Him More

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He may not have managed to hit the heady heights he scaled so calmly last season just yet, but Crystal Palace midfielder Jason Puncheon is as excited about the club’s future as he’s ever been. 

In what is a fantastic and far reaching interview, the native South Lodoner discusses his love for the club, his long-running desire to return to SE25 and his incredibly high hopes for the future. It’s a great read. 

Two and a half years on from the day that he returned to Selhurst Park on loan from Southampton, the 29-year-old readily admits that his heart has always been at the club where it all began as a child. A product of his environment, Jason feels as though it is now his duty to act as a mentor to the youngsters who are currently climbing their way up the ladder with us, after nearly coming off the rails once or twice himself in years gone by. 

It is an interview that you wouldn’t normally associate with an official club publication, given the depth of topics that are discussed. Far from packaging the path trodden by Puncheon to date as one of continuous success, the chat revolves quite heavily around the setbacks he has endured throughout his time in the game; painting his stint at Palace, quite rightly, as a culmination of a career spent grafting for his successes. 

The man himself is clear in his intentions for the future, stating categorically that he and his teammates have the potential to achieve things that this club have never managed before, not through an unjustified sense of self-worth, but simply a belief in their collective strength as a squad. 

Thanks to the recent news regarding the imminent investment in the club from US billionaires Josh Harris and David Blitzer, things are looking rosy for Palace both on and off the field; a fact that Jason Puncheon is clearly keen to seize upon, as he continues his own rags to riches story. 

He’s one of our own. 

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