Labour Councillors Caught Watching Palace During Debate On Budget Cuts

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Croydon councillors John Wentworth and Pat Ryan found themselves in hot water last night, after being pictured watching Crystal Palace’s 1-1 draw with Everton whilst in the middle of a debate over local spending cuts.

You can see photographic evidence of the two Labour councillors being caught watching the boys take on Everton via the medium of an iPad here. Part of me wants to slate them for being so naive, whilst another section of my soul wants to shake their hands for keeping up with the team in the most inappropriate of circumstances.

The pair, both of whom represent Labour, were snapped by Gabriella Bush, a member of the public who happened to be watching the debate take place from above when she noticed that their thoughts weren’t fully focussed on the discussion taking place in front of their faces.

Plenty of people have voiced their disgust over the incident, given the tricky nature of the debate in question, but the pair have since gone on to insist that they weren’t watching the game intently and were instead just checking the score at sporadic intervals, which we as die-hard supporters can surely understand.

Whilst any debate that involves cuts to public spending will always prove to be a tense affair, we can’t help but feel slightly sympathetic towards both Ryan and Wentworth for their actions. I for one, have gone to huge personal lengths to watch us play whenever the opportunity has presented itself in the past; not that it makes me a good person.

You can’t help but wonder if they let out a stifled cheer when Scott Dann headed us into the lead late on. If they managed to control themselves completely, they’ve got more restraint that many of the Palace fans we know.

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