This Steve Parish Interview Is Hugely Exciting For Palace’s Future

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After weeks of discussion, it seems as though the deal which will see American billionaires Josh Harris and David Blitzer take a combined 36% share of Crystal Palace FC is all set to be signed and sealed, with Steve Parish giving a superb interview to The Evening Standard about what it will mean for the club as a whole. 

In what is a brilliantly crafted piece, Steve Parish lays out a detailed and informative blueprint for the future of the football club with Harris and Blitzer on board. 

Given the exclusive nature of the quotes within the interview attached above, I’m loathe to give too much away in my own musings, but it’s safe to say that Steve Parish and the other members of CPFC2010 have certainly vetted the US duo thoroughly before figuratively hopping into bed with them.

Throughout their time in charge, CPFC2010’s overriding aim has been to further stabilise the club from year to year, both in terms of the playing squad and general infrastructure of the organisation. Thankfully, they have done a stellar job to date, but as you will see from the interview above, there remains a huge amount of work still to be done.

Any change is inevitably a daunting prospect for a football fan, particularly after a period of almost unparalleled success over the last five years, but the sentiments expressed by our chairman above, point towards an extremely bright future for everyone associated with Crystal Palace, including Steve himself. 

Regardless of the fact that Harris and Blitzer will still own significantly less than the amount required to have a controlling majority, Parish and co. will still be as heavily involved as ever before in the day-to-day workings of the club, aided along the way by some new faces, who happen to have extremely deep pockets as a welcomed bonus. 

I defy you to read the above interview and not feel as though we are in safe hands with Steve Parish and his soon-to-be five man strong team of fellow stakeholders holding the reins in SE25. 

We truly could be on cusp of something massive.

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