Steve Parish Believes Palace Can Win The Premier League In 10 Years

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NBC Sport’s documentary on the inner-workings of our football club has gone down extremely well with the vast majority of our supporters, having placed a large amount of emphasis on the role our fans have played in our incredible success since the summer of 2010, but it is the words of Steve Parish which have caused the biggest stir of all.

Steve Parish comments here prove that he is a man of startlingly impressive ambtion. Given the success he’s had as our owner to date, would you want to back against him?

The Palace chairman has suggested that Crystal Palace can in fact hold realistic aims of winning a Premier League title within the next 10 to 15 years, should the investment within the club be correctly allocated within that spell. It may sound outlandish to many, but looking towards Chelsea as an example of a club who grew rapidly following the influx of new money, Parish sees no reason why the Eagles should be held back by invisible mental barriers in the search for the ultimate achievement.

Whilst most will struggle to envisage a scenario that sees us challenging at the very top of the Premier League table in the foreseeable future, you would have had a tricky job convincing even the most positive of Palace fans that we would now be an established top flight outfit when staring down the barrel of a loaded gun in June of 2010. It is as a direct consequence of CPFC2010’s desire to push the club forward, mixed with some extremely good decision-making which has seen us scale new heights in the years since, understandably filling Parish with hope for what may lay ahead in years to come.

Having finished higher in every year since Steve and his fellow board members grabbed the reins at Selhurst Park, a level of similar success would see his dreams become a reality within the allotted time-frame, but as we all know, things seldom go perfectly to plan in the madcap world of professional football.

If you are yet to see the NBC documentary on the club, you can now watch it in full here.

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