VIDEO: This Stunning Trailer Will Make You Proud To Be A Palace Fan

9 Posted by - November 28, 2015 - News, Video

American sports network NBC have taken it upon themselves to make the Premier League a big deal in the US over the last few years, and now, alongside their weekly coverage of the games, they have made what looks to be a fantastic documentary about our football club. 

This trailer does a beautiful job of summing up what makes our fan base so unique within the often apathetic confines of the Premier League. We all support an extremely special football club, as you’ll be very quickly reminded when watching this. 

The full video is set to premiere stateside tomorrow afternoon, before being made available to supporters in the UK on Monday 30th November, but if the trailer attached above is anything to go by, it will be more than worth the wait for the vast majority of us. 

Whilst the full feature is expected to delve into a wide array of different aspects behind the scenes, the trailer focusses fully on the unique atmosphere that our supporters create at Selhurst Park from week to week, with contributions and tributes from the manager, players and the chairman along the way. 

For a number of years, the spirit and collective drive of our fan base went unrecognised by the masses, given our status as a second tier club, but since returning to the Premier League in the summer of 2013, the interest and wider sense of admiration for the backing we give the team has exploded, prompting many to credit us with creating the most consistent home atmosphere in the country. 

This trailer does a great job of examining the exact reasons for that; highlighting the pride we have in our often derided corner of London. Ahead of what is a huge game against Newcastle United this afternoon, this should get you in the perfect mood for another roller-coaster of emotions at Selhurst Park. 


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