Parish Explains Exactly What US Millions Will Be Spent On At Palace

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Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has been speaking to BBC Radio 4 about the imminent investment in the club from US billionaires Josh Harris and David Blitzer, highlighting the exact reasons behind their desire to be involved in SE25. 

Steve Parish’s full interview with BBC Radio 4 can be heard here; as the Palace co-chairman discusses the imminent arrival of US dollars at Selhurst Park, the reasons for Josh Harris and David Blitzer’s interest in Crystal Palace and where exactly the new funding will be spent in the coming years. 

Discussing the relative explosion in popularity that the game and more specifically the Premier League has enjoyed across the Atlantic in recent seasons, it’s clear that Parish and the potential new investors see the football club as a sound business prospect for anyone over the next decade or so. The measures put in place by Financial Fair Play appear to have done a great deal to shift the focus away from economic mismanagement and towards a more prudent approach, which has altered the perception of the league globally. 

Pressed for details on how much Harris and Blitzer will be forced to part with to secure their much discussed 18% shares, Parish admits that it is significantly less than you would be expected to shell out if you were to purchase a stake in a comparably high-profile US sporting franchise, given the prospect of relegation that hangs over the head of each and every club throughout the English game. 

There is a detalied discussion over where exactly the new financial muscle will be directed, with many hoping to see an array of new high-profile stars being brought into the side as a direct consequence of Harris and Blitzer’s arrival. To his credit, Steve is extremely open about the direction in which the soon-to-be six owners are looking to take us in the coming years, which comes as a welcome alternative to the cloak and dagger approach that a number of his contempararies adopt in similar circumstances.

The full interview lasts a little under four minutes, with Parish’s input offering a great update on the state of the discussions between he and his US counterparts. As always, these things take time to finalise, but this will serve to soothe anyone who may have been getting a tad jittery over the whole thing. 


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