Who Were Palace Scouts Watching At Portugal’s Last Game?

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Within any international break, it’s intriguing to know if the club are sending scouts out into the far reaches of Europe to take a closer look at any of the talent on show for their countries and this week, it’s emerged that Crystal Palace representatives were present to watch Portugal take on Luxembourg.

Sports Witness have put together a fantastically researched piece on who Palace were likely to have been watching at Portugal’s recent game against Luxembourg. Writing off all but five of the players featured, it offers a great deal of food for thought.

Thanks to an extremely insightful piece from the writers at Sport Witness, we now have a solid idea of the players we are likely to have been observing on the night, after ruling a large number of those who took part for a multitude of reasons.

It goes without saying that the Portuguese team were the likely source of our interest, given the relative minnow status of the Luxembourg national team on the global stage, but it’s certainly an interesting guessing game to work out exactly who we were watching so close to the opening of the January transfer window.

You would think that, with an emphasis having been placed on the attacking side of our game in recent weeks, there is a strong chance that our scouts were watching a striker, although the specific identity of that mystery man remains a total unknown.

Far be it from us to steal another site’s thunder by taking their research and presenting it to you here, we will instead direct you towards their well-researched article attached above, allowing you to browse the filtered list of potential targets before making your own conclusions as to who we are interested in.

Hold onto your seats, the transfer window promises to be a pretty busy one.

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