VIDEO: Zaha Uploads His Version Of Yannick’s Latest Trick

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A few days ago, Yannick Bolasie laid down a challenge to his fellow professionals by uploading a video entitled “Bolasie Trick V2” to Twitter; an updated version of his now trademark skill pulled off against Tottenham last season. Rather than resting on his laurels, the DR Congo international is keen to see who can match him for flair within the game.

Wilfried Zaha’s effort at the “Bolasie Flick V2” can be seen here. After letting his teammate hog the limelight last time, it’s clear he’s not content to sit back and let it happen this time.

Unsurprisingly, given the competitive relationship Yannick enjoys with his Crystal Palace teammate Wilfried Zaha, the academy graduate has since uploaded his own attempt at the trick via Instagram, with the results available for you to see above.

Whilst it may not mean much in the grander scheme of things, it’s always good to see our players enjoying themselves and challenging one another in a public setting. In years gone by, this sort of thing would be kept solely to the confines of the training ground, but now, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of social media, it’s a battle we can all see developing for ourselves.

It could be argued that the flicks and tricks which are so treasured by the likes of Bolasie and Zaha offer little hope of success on a Saturday afternoon if you were feeling particularly sceptical, but you need only to have watched us regularly for the last six months or so to realise what a pivotal role both play in the team’s overall game-plan from week to week.

Wilf has certainly done a decent job of imitating Yannick this time around, although the latter’s easy manner when pulling off the trick is what makes his style of play unique. Have a watch of both and decide which is more impressive for yourself.

Regardless of the huge pressures being placed on players throughout the top flight, it’s good to see what both Wilf and Yannick refuse to take things too seriously.

You can watch the original version of the “Bolasie Flick V2” courtesy of the man himself here. Understandably desperate to further his reputation as the best flair player in the Premier League, Yala is adding strings to his bow all the time.


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