This Piece Is A Perfect Introduction To Harris’ Ownership Philosophy

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Whilst news of Josh Harris and David Blitzer’s imminent investment in Crystal Palace has got supporters excited, little is known on these shores of their ownership methods in both the NBA & NHL. 

Well written and informative, this piece on Josh Harris’ ownership of the Philadelphia 76ers is the perfect introduction to his philosophy as an owner. 

Alongside Harris’ obvious interest in the club we all care so deeply about, he also owns the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, where his ideology seemingly places long-term glory over short-term success, helped hugely by the inability for US sporting franchises to face the heartbreak of relegation. 

Such is the lack of mainstream coverage of both the NBA and NHL on these shores, that no one without an extremely active interest in either sport would know a great deal about his time in charge of the respective organisations, where on the face of things, the immediate future appears to be far from bright. 

Thanks to the excellent feature in The Evening Standard which is attached above, we as Palace fans can gain a solid level of understanding over the decisions which have led the 76ers to an eleven game winless start to the new NBA season. Far from hitting the panic button, it appears as though Harris is committed to the overbranching plan that he and the other board members in Philadelphia agreed upon some years ago. 

Whilst plenty of our fans will inevitably begin to fret, the article in question does a fantastic job of shining a light on the unique differences between the insular chess match that goes on within the NBA and the lung-bursting sprint that each and every Premier League season takes the shape of. 

Although little is known about the future direction of the football club, the above piece from The Evening Standard does a fantastic job of documenting the decisions which may hold the biggest clues towards understanding Harris and Blitzer’s sporting ethos ahead of what will be an inevitable period of change from Crystal Palace FC. 


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