Parish Reveals The Financial Plan For Selhurst’s Redevelopment

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The South London Press have published an interesting insight into Steve Parish’s plans for the redevelopment of Selhurst Park, with the co-chairman keen not to get carried away by the spending power of his soon-to-be US business partners.

Steve Parish’s plans for the redevelopment of Selhurst Park are documented here, courtesy of The South London Press. As has so often been the case, we have little reason to worry with CPFC2010 in control, this interview only serves to reaffirm that view.

Parish himself has made no secret of the fact that Selhurst Park’s much-needed revamp is a huge motivating factor in the decision to invite both Josh Harris and David Blitzer aboard the Crystal Palace ship, with the club’s under achievement in over the last 20 to 30 years doing a good job of hiding the potential explosion of interest that our catchment area offers on the right terms.

With talks of three new stands, as well as hotels and restaurants incorporated into the stadium’s infrastructure, Parish rightly feels as though matchday revenue could easily became a far greater source of regular income for the club than it is at present, a pursuit which both Harris and Blitzer can help us to realise within a far speedier timeframe than the one CPFC2010 first mapped out.

Despite the obvious and understandable sense of excitement that is currently swirling across SE25, Steve is doing his best to remain grounded, with his comments in the interview attached above highlighting his desire to keep Crystal Palace as an overall entity on the straight and narrow in a financial sense. Rightly buoyed by the extra monetary muscle that is likely to be at our disposal in the years to come, it won’t provoke him to forget the rock solid foundations he and his fellow board members have laid at Selhurst Park in the five-year build-up to this moment.

It would be easy to feel a tad overwhelmed by the magnitude of the changes that are set to take place within the club over the next year or so, but with all four members of CPFC2010 set to retain a direct stake for the foreseeable future, we can be pretty sure that things won’t be allowed to shift too far away from the values which have seen us flourish so rapidly since they first took residence in the boardroom.

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