Jason Cundy Slates Hodgson For Picking City Star Over Puncheon

1 Posted by - November 16, 2015 - News

TalkSPORT pundit Jason Cundy has called for Jason Puncheon to take Fabian Delph’s place in the England squad, given the former’s far better start to the 2015/16 Premier League campaign.

Jason Cundy hasn’t held back in criticising Roy Hodgson for selecting Fabian Delph over Crystal Palace’s Jason Puncheon in the most recent England squad. Roy Hodgson really is getting it from all angles of late, quite rightly. Cundy is spot on here in pointing out Hodgson’s stupidity 

Despite the former Aston Villa midfielder having played just 28 minutes of football this season, England boss Roy Hodgson has continued to select him as part of England’s midfield, a fact which has got Cundy extremely worked up.

Whilst there will be plenty of casual observers who suggest that Delph is unquestionably the better player, statistics attributed to their respective performances since August overwhelmingly back up Cundy’s point, given Delph’s chronic lack of game time in a City shirt.

Coming hot on the heels of the controversial move which saw Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard called up to the senior squad in front of countless other worthy wingers, Cundy’s forthright comments, attached above, chime along with the view that Roy Hodgson is constantly picking players based upon the clubs who pay their wages.

Unsurprisingly, given our defeat to Spain on Friday evening, there is a sense amongst the English football watching public that we simply aren’t worthy of being described as an “elite” nation anymore, which has only served to increase the clamour for a new approach, where players are picked purely on their performances at club level, rather than the status of their employers.

Personally, I’m not sure Puncheon’s season to date has seen him do enough to warrant a call-up generally, but he is undoubtedly more deserving of a place in the squad than the aforementioned Delph. The two things are after all, completely separate debates.

As you can see from Cundy’s comments on the link above, as well as the facts and figures referenced in the article in question, Hodgson’s level of backing from supporters is waning with each passing week.

It’s almost certainly time for a change.

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  • Jose Fonte Baby! Jose Fonte, Oh, Oh, Oh November 16, 2015 - 3:10 pm Reply

    Its why i hate the international breaks. Same old players playing boring, tentative football. I mean who the fuck calls up lingard over Zaha, Albrighton, et.al.

  • CiTyBlUe November 17, 2015 - 2:06 am Reply

    You’re all morons including in the know pundits, it’s the FA that make the final decision on who makes the cut and who doesn’t, but you all attack Hodgson. I don’t even rate Hodgson, but someone needs to fight his corner considering he’s not to blame. Wayne Rooney is a prime example in all aspects of the game, he played great for United at his peak, but he has been absolutely average for England. How many goals has he scored in all World Cups he’s been picked? But he still gets picked because of who he plays for. When Delph has not been injured he’s been a rock for England, maybe you morons should stop attacking Delph and Hodgson and attack the real culprits that FA, now someone else will get a chance in Delphs place, it’s not Delphs fault Puncheon wasn’t chosen. BACK OFF AND SHUT IT.

  • Promo_man November 17, 2015 - 9:45 am Reply

    Punch deserved his chance last season – the end of season matches he was one of the top 3 midfielders at the time. I don’t think he’s played particularly well this season, so I don’t have too much of an issue with it to be fair. I don’t think Zaha has been consistent enough either, not withstanding his last two matches, when he has been a stud.
    I do have an issue with non-selection of Scott Dann though – right now, he’s the best performing English centre back in the premier league. period.

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