VIDEO: Zaha Rightly Blames Moyes For His United Struggles

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Whilst appearing on Soccer AM this morning, Wilfried Zaha spoke about a number of topics, one of which was the managerial methods of David Moyes during their time together at Manchester United.

Zaha has not been shy in stating that David Moyes did his level best to destroy the natural flair that has defined his game for so long. Palace and United fans may not agree on much, but this video is likely to unite us all in denouncing Moyes’ attitude as ridiculous.

After seeing his career reignite since returning to Selhurst Park from Manchester United, Zaha has embraced his flicks and tricks that first caught the eye of the football watching public in the years leading up to his move to the North West.

Sadly for him, it appears as though his natural exuberance was something that was frowned upon by his then manager, who made a specific point to Wilfried about cutting out the flair that has defined his game from an early age. Unsurprisingly, the impact it made on Zaha’s head had far-reaching effects, turning him away from the style which had brought him such success in the years before; setting his career back hugely in the process.

Now flourishing under the guidance of Alan Pardew in SE25 once again, Wilf clearly feels comfortable to discuss the struggles he endured at Old Trafford in his brief stint there, confident in the knowledge that he won’t encounter the same level of resistance to his teasing tricks whilst he’s with us.

You can see Wilf’s comments on Moyes’ attempts to quell his creative streak in the link attached above, which, thankfully for both him and us, hasn’t been able to destroy the naturally rebellious streak that his game so often relies upon.

He loves being here and we love having him. Luckily, David Moyes (now newly unemployed) is nowhere to be seen.

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