VIDEO: Josh Harris’ Helicopter Interrupts Youth “Soccer” Game

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Crystal Palace fans will be hoping that American businessman Josh Harris is happy to respect the history and traditions of the club should his move to secure a stake be finalised. It must be said though, he doesn’t take youth “soccer” in the US all that seriously, as proven by the video attached below.

To see the footage of soon to be Crystal Palace majority shareholder Josh Harris’ helicopter landing on a football field and subsequently forcing the game to be cancelled, click here. It must be said, it’s an awful bit of PR for a man who is about to buy a major stake in a Premier League football club.

After instructing his helicopter to land of a football pitch nearby to his NHL franchise’s home arena in the hope of getting away from the game quickly, it remained grounded for three quarters of an hour, after the New Jersey Devils game went into overtime. Consequently, security personnel at the school in Newark were forced to evacuate the field, before the game that was originally scheduled to take place was cancelled altogether.

Parents who were attending the game in question were understandably left feeling a little put out by the incident, with one bystander telling the press:

“I’ve never seen anything like that before. Is this really the only place in Newark that someone can land a helicopter?”

“I am not sure when or if Harris ever showed up to remove his helicopter from the field, but I hope that he had a great night.

“There are a number of 12-year-olds and youth soccer fans who did not – because of Harris’s selfish behavior.”

Whilst a spokesperson for Harris insisted that the Devils owner has an agreement with the owners of the field and only ever intended to use it as a makeshift helipad when there were no other events scheduled to take place:

“If Josh knew he was interrupting a youth game this never would have happened.

“It’s not about the passenger; it was about the scheduling conflict due to poor communication.

It seems as though the whole incident has left both Harris and the New Jersey Devils PR team feeling a little sheepish, with the youngsters who were ready to play in the game set to be invited to watch the NHL side play in the near future by way of an apology.

The footage of Harris’ helicopter taking residence of the local “soccer” field can be seen via the link attached above; let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he never chooses to do the same thing in SE25 on a Saturday afternoon.

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