Steve Parish’s 40,000 Selhurst Park Redevlopment Plans Revealed

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One of the biggest themes to emerge from the recent news of Josh Harris’ imminent investment in Crystal Palace has been the plans for the redevelopment of Selhurst Park.

The specific elements of Steve Parish’s grand plans for Selhurst Park are discussed at length here, amongst a great deal of other insightful information about the possible deal with Harris. 

According to the extremely detailed article written by Neil Ashton on the subject, (attached above) Steve Parish has been working with a team of architects for some time in relation to some grand plans for what he and his fellow investors can do for the White Horse Lane, Arthur Wait and Main stands at Selhurst, with the resulting mock-up having wowed countless people when shown to them by the man himself on match days in the Director’s Lounge. 

With a current capacity which sits at a little over 25,000, it is no surprise that the owners would like to make some changes in the coming years, but in many ways, it is the potential for a diversification of our income streams via match day hospitality which will have them feeling truly excited. 

Details remain relatively scant at this point, but it seems as though Parish and the board are hopeful of convincing the local council to give them the go-ahead, as a direct consequence of the jobs that will be created for the local area once the alterations to the stadium are finalised. 

We could of course see the current board shell out the estimated £150 million cost themselves, but with their focus rightly placed upon improving the playing squad every few months, the figures simply wouldn’t add up if we were to push ahead with it straightaway. Comversely, the potential injection of cash offered by Harris will seemingly give us the freedom to press on with the construction plans whilst maintaining the levels of investment necessary for the team itself to flourish simultaneously. 

We can’t be sure at this point, but it looks for all the world as though Selhurst Park is the major motivating factor behind the deal in question, which should make for an exciting few years if Josh Harris is soon confirmed as a major stakeholder in the football club. 

This article from 2013 offers more insight, via the words of Steve Parish, as to the overarching blueprint for Selhurst Park’s redevelopment. It’s been a long time coming. 

We’ll keep you updated. 

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