Josh Harris – A Detailed Profile Of The Man Behind The Money

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You could be forgiven for feeling a little flustered at the thought of an unknown American billionaire swooping into SE25 and purchasing a stake in the club, but thanks to the excellent fan run site, The Eagles’ Beak, we can find out a little more about Josh Harris.

This interview with New Jersey Devils fan Tim Joyce shines a light on the methodology behind Josh Harris’ current ownership model in the NHL, with the results leading us to feel extremely positive about the long-term future of the club. It’s well worth a read.

Having seen the US businessman’s name linked to a similar deal involving the club around a year ago, Paul Darville, one of the writers for aforementioned fan-run site contacted Tim Joyce, a fan of the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team, who Josh Harris already owns. The resulting interview made for an insightful and informative read, shining a light on the type of owner we can expect Harris to be, if indeed a deal is finalised between he and CPFC2010.

Far from the damning verdict many have come to expect when talk of US sports ownership models becomes a topic of conversation, Tim’s answers paint a picture of a man who, on the face of things at least, seems like a good fit for our football club on a base level.

Not interested in short-term glory in the slightest, it seems as though Harris and his fellow investors have made plans for the long-term success of the Devils, which chimes perfectly with the approach of our current ownership team, who have made incredible progress in the five years since then rescued the club from the brink of extinction.

Whilst Harris won’t be getting a controlling share of the club, given Parish’s understandable desire to retain the final say over the decisions impacting upon our future, it’s certainly encouraging to know that we’re not getting into bed with a potential boat rocker, as so many of this country’s biggest sporting institutions have to their cost in recent years.

Tim has gone into surprising detail in discussing the approach Josh Harris has towards owning the Devils’ franchise, making the above interview well worth a few minutes of your time amidst all of the excitement attached to a potential broadening of our investment base.


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    Made me laugh “If Palace could turn into a club like Stoke then I think you guys should be very excited.”

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