How Crystal Palace Became South London’s Undisputed Number One

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Much has been made of the progress Crystal Palace have enjoyed on the pitch since the summer of 2013, but as the piece attached below highlights, the club have now become South London’s undisputed number one. 

Delving into great detail over the transformation Crystal Palace FC have undergone since 2010, this piece is an insightful and deeply inspiring read. 

Thousands of column inches have been rightly devoted to the success the team have enjoyed since regaining their place in the Premier League a little over two years ago, but now, building upon the platform that regular top flight football offers us, the efforts being made to immerse the club within the social culture of South London are being rightly celebrated. 

Using the “South London & Proud” slogan as a launching pad, the above feature delves into the specific meaning that is attached to the phrase by Steve Parish and his fellow owners, shining a light on the seismic shift taking place behind the scenes which is allowing us to gain a long-term monopoly on the thousands of floating football fans that currently reside within our borders. 

Whilst many have spent a moment or two pondering the model behind Crystal Palace’s transformation since the summer of 2010, the feature in question makes no apology for drilling down on specifics, giving an authentic picture of the core values which define the current board’s methodology in attempting to grow the football club in every aspect, rather than placing all of their eggs in one basket. 

For the casual football fan, it will prove to be an insightful piece in many ways, offering a detailed breakdown of the changes which have seen our club begin to truly thrive on the national stage. In the case of the diehard Palace fan, it is a feature which is more than likely to inspire a sense of immense pride, given the meteoric level of success we’ve enjoyed in what is, when looked at in comparison to our competitors, a mere click of our figurative fingers. 

You can find the article in question atrached above, set aside some time to soak it up; you won’t regret it. 

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