Crystal Palace’s US Investment Deal Is Apparently Back On

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Remember the American millionaires who were keen to purchase a stake in Crystal Palace last year? Well, it seems as if they’ve reignited their interest in the club over the last few weeks. 

The Mirror’s take on events would see American investment coming into the club with the potential for two of our four current owners to step away completely, have a read

According to The Mirror’s Ed Malyon in the article attached above, the money men behind private equity firms Appolo and Blackstone remain heavily interested in a deal which could see them take a hefty chunk of the organisation from the current four man consortium. 

Whilst Steve Parish has always been quick to stress that any new investment into the football club will be as part of a deal which broadens our financial base rather than what would stereotypically be classified as a “takeover” it goes without saying that the likes of Martin Long and Jeremy Hoskings would be forced to severely decrease their current stakes, if not sell them on completely. 

Although both Parish and Stephen Browett appear to be fully focused on retaining their current percentage stakes, the cost of a stadium revamp amongst numerous other ventures will likely run into tens of millions of pounds, with the prospect of an instant cash injection no doubt looking to be a huge positive in their eyes. 

Having barely heard from either one of Long or Hoskings since they rescued the club from oblivion a little over five years ago, it’s difficult to know how the pair would feel about waving goodbye to their current interest in an official sense, but if they are looking for an easy way out, it may represent an agreeable option for all parties at an instant. 

Have a read of the finer details in the article attached above, but it looks for now, as though the deal may be back on the table. 

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    have you seen this before? can’t believe there’s a bigger pardew fan than you

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