VIDEO: Should These Palace Penalty Claims Have Been Given?

3 Posted by - October 25, 2015 - News, Video

Crystal Palace were denied two genuine penalties by referee Mike Dean yesterday afternoon against Leicester City, prompting both our fans and Alan Pardew to question his decison making. 

Does Zaha dive here? Most don’t think so, Mike Dean did…

The first came as Wilfried Zaha, who was brought on to inject a degree of invention to our forward line, saw himself tripped in the penalty area. Sadly, no doubt as a consequence of the number of spot kicks he has won for us already this season, Dean decided not to award the penalty, instead booking the winger for what he felt was simulation. 

You can of course decide for yourself by clicking on the link above, but regardless of the fact that Zaha may well have made the most of the incident, the fact remains that the Leicester defender dangles a leg out, makes contact with Wilf, gets none of the ball and obstructs him for continuing the play, which by the letter of the law, should result in a foul. 

The second penalty shout of the game, (attached below) proved to be even more clear cut than Zaha’s claim, with a bouncing ball seen to clearly strike the Leicester defenders raised hand before bouncing towards one of his teammates and being cleared from danger. 

Once again, Dean and his assistants had a clear view of the moment in question, only to wave away any protests with a distinterested shrug. Of course, we should be concentrating on making sure that we score more regularly from open play, rather than relying on a constant stream of penalties to get our goals, but even so, both of the above decisions really do stick in your throat given the nature of the game in question. 

With the Premier League often extremely quick to take footage of games down from social media, you’ll have to be fast if you want to see it. Not that it will make your Sunday morning any happier. 

You’re unlikely to see a clearer handball not given this season than this.

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  • Sharpy October 25, 2015 - 12:17 pm Reply

    We need to stop going on about decisions, they will even themselves out by the end of the season. Amazes me how quickly we forget about the game at Norwich for instance !
    The simple truth is we don’t have a striker good enough on the pitch at the moment, Wickham is the only striker we have thats good enough and until he comes back we are going to be relying on the ref to give us penalties and free kicks around the box.

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