This Interview With Steve Parish Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today

3 Posted by - October 16, 2015 - News

Steve Parish has given an absolutely fantastic interview to the Men In Blazers podcast in the U.S, discussing anything and everything related to Crystal Palace FC.

Steve Parish’s full interview is available here, it’s a fantastic insight 

Speaking with overwhelming passion for the responsibility he has to the fans of our football club from week to week, the Palace supremo displays the lovesick persona of a true football addict throughout the discussion, doing his level best to put across the importance that the game holds in the lives of so many people on these shores. 

Chronicalling the almost continuous success we’ve enjoyed since he and the other members of the current ownership team took charge, the desire Steve has for perpetual growth and improvement in every facet of the organisation comes across loud and clear. 

It would be easy to speak glowingly of the man who holds onto the club’s purse strings regardless of his general persona, but in Parish we have an owner who has an unquenchable drive to push the club forward in every sense, undeniably buoyed by the success he has presided over to date.

We have often been described as a sleeping giant by those who know the game; always on the cusp of transforming our obvious potential into genuine success, but in the current moment, with the owners, manager, players and supporters all on the same page, you begin to feel as though we could be going through a period of real change from the top down to the grass roots. 

If you have the time, make sure you listen to the interview attached above; it’s a fantastic listen for any Palace fan. 


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