VIDEO: Pardew On Sparkling Form In Palace TV’s Latest Video

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The club’s official online TV channel have captured a few minutes of absolute gold in their latest video, as Pardew puts his staff through their paces on the football pitch. 

To see Pardew putting his staff through their footballing paces, click here

Challenged by academy coach Gary Issott to a friendly against the club’s youngsters in a few weeks time, Alan Pardew and his staff will have a few weeks to prepare their minds and bodies for the game, after being assessed for any sign of ability by the Palace boss over the course of an elongated training session. 

With a mixture of former professionals and mere amateurs, Pardew will have a real job on his hands to narrow the group down specifically, but it appears to be a challenge that he has taken to with genuine relish. On top form throughout the footage, Alan’s dry sense of humour shines through immediately, as he builds the clash up in the minds of his would-be superstars. 

At any football club, it’s incredibly easy to get carried away with the sheer importance and pressure that is placed on every made by the manager and his players, but videos such as this one act as a perfect antidote to the daily grind of the Premier League machine. 

There may not be any sign of the club’s first-team stars or any insight on our approach for this weekend’s game against West Ham, but you’re bound to enjoy it as much if not more than the club’s normal online TV features, given the tone and mock-seriousness displayed by the Palace boss. 

It’s well worth a few minutes of your time when you get the chance. 


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