Parish: “Murray’s Sale Was Necessary For Palace’s Long-Term Future”

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It’s been a little over two weeks since we waved goodbye a sad to Glenn Murray, but according to chairman Steve Parish, his departure is pivotal to our long-term plans. 

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When speaking extensively to HLTCO columnist Richard Foster during a recent interview for the Guardian, Parish explained the importance attached to remaining within the guidelines related to Financial Fair Play, given the plans that he and his fellow owners have for the club’s long-term future. 

With an eye on improvements which need to be made to the stadium, our academy and many other facets of the football club that go unseen by the average punter, Steve explained that the deal which saw Murray swap SE25 for the Goldsands was a necessary evil when looking to balance the books. 

Whilst nostalgia is always a potential factor when dealing with a game as emotionally charged as ours, Parish and his fellow owners have always managed to maintain a business-like outlook when making big decisions on our future direction. Whether you look towards Freedman’s departure, the days which saw Pulis leave or the hiring of Alan Pardew, it’s fair to suggest that their track record to date is an impressive one. 

Should we manage to keep our place in the top flight for another year, there will almost certainly be more changes made in conjunction with the comments made by Steve in the interview attached above, as he looks to continue the progress which has been so swiftly made during his first five years at the helm. 

Glenn Murray may well have been a fan favourite, but it sounds as if his move to Bournemouth could prove pivotal in plans to revamp Selhurst Park. Not bad for a free transfer. 

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  • kbergene September 17, 2015 - 5:44 pm Reply

    If it plays out the way you describe, it would be a fitting tribute to name the newly-built stand the Glenn Murray Stand.

    • admin September 18, 2015 - 9:26 am Reply

      Indeed. Sadly, it will probably be named after a faceless sponsor.

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