Palace Are A Bigger Club Than Newcastle, Claims Sissoko

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Moussa Sissoko has risked angering thousands of Newcastle fans, by claiming that Crystal Palace are now the bigger of the two clubs.

To read Sissoko’s full thoughts on Newcastle’s lowly status in the game CLICK HERE

When speaking to France Football recently about his desire to make a mark in the national team, Sissoko referenced the likes of Blaise Matuidi, Paul Pogba and Yohan Cabaye as being players who were currently at bigger clubs than him, giving them a head-start in the eyes of France manager Dider Deschamps.

Whilst many will be shocked by Sissoko’s comments, particularly when you consider who currently pays his wages, in reality, the last year or so have seen the two clubs become far more evenly matched in terms of their respective league standings.

Following Alan Pardew’s decision to swap Tyneside for Selhurst Park at the start of 2015, there were plenty of pundits who questioned his logic, but the months since have seen Palace streak in front of the Magpies in terms of Premier League form, with the start to the current campaign proving to be no different.

Whether or not that equates to Crystal Palace being viewed as a bigger club by the majority of football fans is another matter entirely, but it’s certainly rattled a few cages amongst the St James’ Park faithful. 

Whilst they remain adamant that it’s a blatant to force a move away from the club (apparently he’s been trying to get out for 18 months), it does lead to a question over what makes Newcastle a “bigger club”, were we to remove the size of our respective fan bases. 

Of course, having 52,000 people turn up every week gives Newcastle the feel of a big club, but when looking at results, trophy wins and league placings, there is argument to suggest that the gap between us over the last five years is practically nonexistent. 

If nothing else, it’s caused plenty of Newcastle fans to respond angrily, which we as mere bystanders, can take great enjoyment from. 

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  • UTD111 September 8, 2015 - 7:43 am Reply

    Personally, I find this media obsession with defining so-called “big” clubs or whatever as wide open to debate. They never seem to give an explanation of the definition of a “big club” they are using, but that doesn’t seem to stop them.
    I couldn’t care less – but I would suggest that it’s mostly irrelevant. Take Chelsea for example. They were £83M in debt and total crap when Abramovic came along with his billions. The rest is history as they say – but are they a “big club” or just a “rich club”? Same applies to Man City, by the way.
    Maybe a better descriptor would be “successful club” – assessed on what a club has actually won?
    My final point would be – with the fabulous amounts of money being thrown at EPL clubs by TV – which is about to substantially increase to even greater amounts, maybe we are ALL “big clubs”!

  • Tommy September 8, 2015 - 9:18 am Reply

    The actual translation was referring to the fact that Cabaye was just recently at a big club, i.e. PSG, and although he’s now at Palace, he’s associated with being a PSG player.

    And anyway, most NUFC fans that I know don’t think we’re a big club anyway, just that with the right management from the top down, that we could be a big club – which I doubt few can argue with.

    And this whole big club argument is moot anyway in truth, as there really are only a few ‘big’ clubs in the world. Madrid, Barca, Bayern and Man U are probably the only genuine big clubs out there.

    Although if we are going to compare Palace (a club I really like, by the way) to NUFC, I think it’s fair to say that since the Premier League begun, that we absolutely have competed at a much higher level than Palace and have had vastly better players playing for the club. We’ve also almost won the PL and have had relatively decent success in Europe also.

    It’s also worth pointing out that a lot of the Palace fans seem to think we have some kind of negative obsession with Pardew and Palace in general, yet this is the third article in as many days that I’ve been linked from through the NUFC newsnow page that has directed me to a Palace site. Go figure.

  • Jose Fonte baby? Jose Fonte oh, oh, oh September 8, 2015 - 12:01 pm Reply

    The whole big club argument is so tiresome and a matter of relativity. You hear Forrest and leeds fans wax lyrical about how big they are yet they have played in League 1 more recently than the Prem. Then you get mid table Prem teams (Villa, West Ham, Newcastle) who despite having prior success have not been anywhere close to a big club in decades. Finally there are up and comers like City, PSG and Chelsea who have bought their way in but only time will tell whether they last the distance.

    In reality bar Barca, Real, Bayern and a few others there will always be a club who is currently bigger/richer/more successful than you. Agree with the above that are only about 5/6 genuinely massive clubs who have dominated their domestic league/ cups and maintained a strong global image. Even those are not untouchable, the Milan teams, ManU, Arsenal, Juve, etc have all fallen from grace in recent times.

    In my time as a palace fan we have gone from being a yoyo team to a broke championship relegation threatened team, then grown to a solid mid table prem team. In that time teams like Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, Wigan, Luton, Swansea, West Ham etc etc have had equally as dramatic transitions and the teams that they perceived big and likewise perceived them as being big will have dramatically changed.

    You’re only as big as your current status and recent history and very few teams have the ability to regularly dominate. Thank god because otherwise football would be so boring.

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