VIDEO: Bolasie’s 360 Tottenham Flick Is Featured In FIFA 16

2 Posted by - September 7, 2015 - News, Video

We all remember Yannick Bolasie’s 360 flick against Spurs don’t we? Well now, it’s been immortalised forever in FIFA 16. 

See Bolasie’s 360 flick being used in FIFA 16 by CLICKING HERE

A few months ago, Palace fans got a tad excited at the sight of Bolasie pulling off the 360 in the official trailer for EA Sports’ latest release, and now, it’s emerged that players within the game will be able to do Yala’s trademark flick at will, with the press of a few buttons. 

As shown below, Yala dazzled spectators at White Hart Lane last season when evading Christian Eriksen on the touchline by using the 360, a move which to this day, I still struggle to get my head around. 

As a player who is still making a name for himself on the European and global stage, the inclusion of a piece of skill attributed solely to Bolasie will come as a huge honour, no doubt prompting fans from far further afield than the UK to delve into the details behind his career to date. 
Whilst we don’t expect those who steer clear of games consoles to fully grasp the significance of Yannick’s latest accomplishment, we can all be sure that the man himself will be over the moon with the news, no doubt seeing it as a badge of honour to reference for years to come. 
Hopefully it won’t be long until we see it used in the flesh once again. Defenders beware. 

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