Steve Parish: “Yohan Cabaye Is Definitely A Player We’d Like To Sign”

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It’s a transfer saga which has dominated the thoughts of countless Palace fans this summer and yesterday, when speaking to Neil Ashton and TalkSPORT from the south of France, Steve Parish spoke openly about the club’s desire to sign Yohan Cabaye.

After rumours began to circulate that a deal was nearing completion, the Eagles co-chairman was quizzed on our apparent interest in the PSG midfielder, and unlike his usual evasive style when pressed on specific transfer targets, Parish was more than happy to admit that we are actively trying to push through a deal for the former Newcastle playmaker.

He said:

Yohan Cabaye is definitely one we’d like to do. It would be a massive thing for the club obviously, because he’s a seasoned international.

Getting the top players is difficult, it’s a difficult transfer market right now. It’s a bit blocked up, no one really wants to go first, no one wants to set the valuation. We’ve finished tenth and twelfth, we’ve done well but we want to do better than that.

For us to get into the top ten in the Premier League, we’ve got to be bringing in people that are top ten Premier League players. It’s not easy, because everyone wants those players.

You could argue that Parish, as someone who knows exactly how much importance people place on his words throughout our fan-base would be loathe to speak so readily about a potential transfer without a relatively solid sense of where negotiations are.

Such is the hysteria surrounding Cabaye, that fans everywhere will be analysing the co-chairman’s words throughout the day for some sense of hidden meaning, but if anything, the simple fact that he was willing to discuss it says enough.

Will we hear anything official over the next 48 hours? Your guess is a good as mine, but it certainly feels as though we may be edging towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Sharpy July 5, 2015 - 10:38 am Reply

    I would agree there’s no way Steve would make those comments without us being some way down the road to a deal, which doesn’t mean it’s going to happen but would seem to indicate its close. I can’t help but think this deal will make it a lot easier for other signings to see Palace as an even better place to go !

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